Poetry With Dave

Bury The Sky

By David Metcalfe

June 1, 2018

Bury The Sky

Bury the sky and leave it there,
There’s nothing on this earth to share,
Let it be, that I might saunter,
Ever farther, farther I wander.

Never faze, this poignant gaze,
Ever graze, a soft malaise,
Hold so tightly, fade so lightly,
Shine so brightly, live so rightly,
Coalescing so unsightly.

If love never fails,
Why does it grow stale?
Soul mates: a sold fate that I don’t want to buy,
Career: from fear that I don’t want to die.

Life, love, beauty, growth, stature,
Life not lived, love not breathed, beauty not believed, stature not achieved,
Where is the room to grow?
What do I need to know?

The solipsist breeds narcissism,
The historian feeds pessimism,
The teacher needs masochism,
The soldier concedes pacifism,
Forcing the writer to lie,
And the thinker to die.

And thus, we bury the sky.