Dave’s Best Quotes (according to readers)

How To Look At Hot Girls

“What are we supposed to expect in a culture that holds romantic relationships as the supreme virtue, and sex as the measure of it? In a culture where men are told they are ‘nothing’ without a girlfriend, and their very identity is based on the hotness of the girls they have sex with? In a culture that continually jokes about rape and praises violence towards women as being ‘masculine’? In a culture that watches billions of videos featuring women being dominated and humiliated for sexual gratification? In a culture where a man can treat women like garbage his whole life and get elected President?

I think it’s time to expect more. More from men. More from our culture. More from ourselves as conscious human beings capable of empathy and appealing to a better nature. We create our culture, and each day we have the power to recreate it.”

Literature, Empathy, and Enlightenment

“In every evil society throughout modern history, they share a restrictive, narrow minded, and hateful view towards freedom of the press. In every good society throughout modern history, they share a free, open, and favorable view to freedom of the press. History speaks volumes to the value of the written word to shape, inform, develop, and ultimately enlighten humanity.”

The Joyful Life

“It is through a profound sense of interconnectedness that we can understand that each person is worthy of dignity, respect, love, and ultimately joy. It is through fostering and developing an authentic sense of love for our fellow humans that we begin to feel a kind of joy we never thought possible.”

Should I Get A Real Job?

“I wish to suggest that career is the contributions that you give to society, and the personal fulfillment you gain, through the work that you do. Whether it involves money, social status, recognition, or formal acknowledgement is of no consequence.”

Foundations of Personhood

“Despite America’s laws against rape and murder, there are typically around 100,000 rapes and 20,000 murders reported every year. Society not only needs to have laws against these abhorrent practices, but also individuals who understand their importance and act accordingly.”

Politically Inept

“Great ignorance and great influence combined are the greatest of all dangers to American democracy, and certain evangelical Christians are carrying that to new levels by putting misplaced theology into uninformed political stances.”

Should We Abort Unborn Babies With Down Syndrome?

“People say, ‘it’s just a blob of tissue’. But it’s growing, responding to its environment, and is exactly the same as we all were at one time. It’s not that an unborn baby has the potential to become human life, but rather that it currently is human life.”

Golden Rule To Moral Happiness

“Rich people are simply people who do not have the necessary empathy to give their money away to the poor. If they had very strong empathy, living in abundance would cause them severe mental discomfort.”

Boogie Down, Baby!

“The 1970s was an awkward mix of celebrating the great achievements of the civil rights movement, while not giving in to the idea that things were now perfect. But for the first time, black people were able to find their own voice into mainstream culture, getting hits all over the top charts that were not merely fitting the role that whites gave to them, but instead paving their own.”

Reckless Capital

“So long as there are people without food, healthcare, and education, I’m not interested in talking about how to make more people rich. I’m interested in talking about how to make less people poor. What I want is an economic system that allows for individual liberties while not forgetting our obligation to care for the poor and the needy.”

Social Reconstructions

“Many people who reject their religious upbringing simply become secular. But, in my opinion, that’s like someone being born into racism rejecting it by saying that races do not exist altogether.”

Martyr’s Guide To Life

“For crying out loud, pretty much everybody who follows Jesus ends up dying: John the Baptist, Paul, the disciples, the early missionaries, and even today, rich American people have to give up an hour of their time to sit through some boring service. All equally tragic examples of the sacrifice it requires to follow Jesus.”

Icons of Iconoclasm

“The Billboard Top 100 on the charts is generally where the epitome of idiocy and perversion go to be glorified by the masses.”

Should I Join The LDS Church?

“Whenever there is a question that I really want to know the answer to, I treat it like I am a judge presiding over a court case. The court system has been developed by some of the greatest minds in history over thousands of years. It is by far the best method we have for obtaining truth.”

Why Every Marriage Is A Failure

“Romantic partners will soon find that the coalescence of their life and desires into their object of affection does not fulfill them in the way they expected it to. They will find that fairy tale delusions were indulged during their wedding and honeymoon, and that real life hits hard.”

Concerning Trends In Lesbianism

“Some Christians will argue that since God made them homosexual, they should therefore act in accordance with that. Where the Bible says that you should act in accordance with desires of the flesh is beyond me, but the argument seems to continue to be used.”

Social Justice Warrior

“During the Christmas season, try to ruin it for everyone by calling them out for being so materialistic. When they ask what charity you personally give to, try to have one prepared in your mind ahead of time so it doesn’t look too obvious that you’re making one up.”

Dave’s Bucket List

“Just because society says that you’re supposed to do things a certain way doesn’t mean you have to. If you aren’t content with your life, change it! Think about the things you love and care about in life, and pursue them passionately.”

No Paine, No Gain

“I hope that more than 6 people will show up to my funeral, but if that’s what it takes to live a truly purposeful life, then I’m ok with that.”

Restoring Justice

“When someone commits a crime against another person, it will likely require that their right to certain freedoms be taken away for the purpose of incapacitation. However, they have not lost their humanity. Taking that away from them is an abhorrent injustice that only serves to breed more injustice during their sentence and upon release.”

How Christianity Affirms Human Rights

“Natural rights cannot be given to or taken from anyone. It is not within a government’s ability to grant these. The government’s role is merely to apply legal rights that fit in accordance with natural rights.”

How Christianity Teaches People To Be A Bunch Of Racist, Sexist, Anti-intellectual Bigots

“Decision making leads to intelligent opinion formation through the freedom to engage in honest debate, research, critical thought, and one’s ability to affect change.”

Social Conducivity Theory

“If perfect social conducivity existed in every interaction, people would feel an amazing sense of belonging, become interconnected in powerful ways, and no conflicts would ever occur.”

Meaning of Life, Part 2

“Lack of affirmation is the cause, brokenness is the illness, harm is the symptom, and love is the cure.”

Meaning of Life, Part 1

“Living for a greater purpose and holding others above yourself appears to be an integral part of living a life that has meaning. And in order to fulfill that, it will ultimately take sacrificing yourself for the benefit of others.”

Disturbing Realities of Porn Production

“I’m not looking to argue against girls who genuinely want to expose themselves for their own reasons. I don’t personally think it is a good thing for them to do, but I defend their right to do it if they so choose. That’s the key: if they so choose. My problem with porn production is that a lot of it, perhaps majority of it, appears to be non-consensual.”

American Response to Rwandan Genocide

“Rwanda was a crashing plane, with everyone knocked unconscious, and America thought they were being offered 5 dollars to land the plane. Yes, America would have gone in partially incompetent, and may have failed, but the severity of the situation more than warranted some type of action.”

One Nation Under Guns

“Is it a coincidence that the country with the most guns also sees the most mass shootings of any first world country by far? As a self-proclaimed sociologist, I don’t have time for coincidences.”