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I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to write this blog and share my opinions and thoughts with people. I’m always surprised and thankful that so many people choose to read it. I think it would be amazing to be a professional writer some day, but for now I enjoy my business projects in real estate, advertising, and other things I think of to do; and occasionally newspapers and magazines publish things that I write.

I’ve spent many, many hours reading and listening to the work of Malcolm Gladwell; I guess he is my role model for the career I would like to have. I love the philosophy of Bertrand Russell, and the philosophy of life of Henry David Thoreau. My favourite historical topic to study is the civil rights movement- basically from the civil war to the 1960s. I also enjoy economics- especially anything Jeffrey Sachs writes- for the main purpose of considering how to reduce poverty around the world.

I like to share ideas that I find interesting, even if it’s just satire or speculation. Many people get angry or offended at the things I write, and that’s ok; I think it’s a good learning opportunity for all of us on working to get over being offended and trying to dialogue with people from different perspectives.

Feel free to comment on my posts whenever you have something interesting to add to the conversation. I’m always happy to hear what people think; although, if I find errors or misinformation in the things you say, I will let you know and we can hopefully get things figured out.