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David was well on his way to achieving the American dream of having a high paying job, a family, a mortgage, and cultural Christianity until he fell victim to a serious writing addiction. His career and life achievement hit rock bottom when he discovered a passion for moral philosophy, political science, and American history (none of which get “real jobs” as his family and friends often remind him).

His biggest idols are Thomas Paine, Henry David Thoreau, Bertrand Russell, and Malcolm Gladwell, and he is arrogant/naive enough to think he is capable of gaining the same level of expertise as them through years of devoted study.

After seeing incredible virtue and devotion among members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, David investigated the church and became a member in March of 2018. He currently resides in Edmonton, Alberta, in the cheapest place he can live, and works odd jobs in between his writing so he doesn’t die. He looks forward to helping to solve problems like poverty, sexual assault, social anxiety, existential depression, and various types of injustices committed by governments and those in authority. He looks forward to encouraging education, rational thought, moral sense, financial responsibility, and altruism.