A List Of Beliefs I Will Never Change, No Matter How Much New Evidence Is Presented

A List Of Beliefs I Will Never Change

By David Metcalfe

February 9, 2019



















Yeah, that’s the entire list. It is very stupid to think that you can ever arrive at absolute truth on any matter of belief and simply shut your brain off from accepting further evidence. We should believe as reasonably as we can based on the current evidence available to us, and always be open to more as it is discovered. This is the method by which humanity has improved our understanding of literally everything, whether it be science, theology, history, philosophy, etc.

So don’t ever say, “I’ll never believe that!” or “I’ll always think this way, no matter what!” Instead, say, “the best evidence I currently have seems to support this view.”

We may, however, have unchanging hopes: hope for poverty to be alleviated, to experience love, to go to heaven after we die, etc. Our hopes should never determine our beliefs, but may very well inspire us to seek out evidence of them. When our hopes and our evidence line up, it creates a belief in us that is more than just a way to think, but a way to be inspired, to live with purpose, and to become the kind of person who embodies those beliefs.



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