Will Trump Get Impeached? An In-Depth Analyses Into American Politics

Will Trump Get Impeached? An In-Depth Analyses Into American Politics

By David Metcalfe

September 9, 2017








Probably not.







A Crap, I Don’t Give. (2017). Tired of hearing every political commentator ask this question for the last 6 months. Every News Station and Political Pundit.

Metcalfe, David. (2017). Americans should care more about real issues and less about political drama surrounding them. Politics are not reality TV. 




P.S. Sorry for those of you who actually wanted to hear my in depth thoughts on this issue. It was funnier to do it this way, and makes a better point in my opinion. If you are curious for more of my thoughts on the issue, send me an email at dmetcalf@ualberta.ca. I write epic responses to questions I get over email, and am always happy to do so.

This is my favorite article on the issue, and it does a good job of dispelling the sensationalism so prevalent in journalism today.


The article concludes with this statement: “There’s no reason to think, barring some cataclysmic development, that a Republican Senate would remove Trump.” (Wolf, July 23, 2017).








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